Why and how

Last week at Mono Lake Night Photography Festival I had a chance to hear some really interesting lectures about photography and related subjects. One of my favorite ones was Joe Reifer's presentation about artistic influences (check out his blog post here). I loved it because it made me think of why I like to photograph what I photograph, what is influencing my work, why and how.

For now, just wanted to share a photo I took several years ago in highschool. At that time I was attending drawing classes because I wanted to study graphic design at Art Academy of Latvia. I spent my Thursday evenings and Saturdays drawing Head of Apollo and still lifes. I was somewhat interested in photography but it was not my thing. I loved drawing and other visual arts but never thought that I would be as involved with photography as I am now. This just happens to be one of the few photos I took because the subject seemed interesting. Those four ladies sitting in the park, probably late fall. All still bundled up, watching passerby and sun casting dark, sharp shadows.