Last Tuesday the night photography class was meeting in Hull, MA, on the beach near high school. I've been to Hull a few times in the past four years. A few times going to the beach with friends, once staying overnight at the hotel and once on a bicycle ride from Boston and back (that was quite an experience!). And a few times to Fort Revere that is a popular location for night photography (see my first moonlit photo).

The weather on Tuesday evening was really nice. A few classmates and I had dinner at Barefoot Bob’s Beach Grill and then we headed to the meeting location. There were fishermen catching sharks, teens hanging out and bunch of night photographers wandering around. It was full moon but with prominent street lights I ended up doing several shorter exposures (2 an 8 minutes for photos above). I really like the shapes of these boats and how they interact with other shapes and lines. The one 30-minute moonlit shot I made (not posted here) had some unplanned light painting from fellow photographers. It's always a challenge!