Tree on Memorial Drive: Summer

Photo above: A tree on Memorial Drive near Museum of Science. I photographed it earlier in the spring (see here) and revisited just a few weeks ago. This time it was a hot, clear night compared to the misty weather in May. More leaves, more light, more boats in the water. It seems like there is more of everything during summer.

This week has been awesome! I heard back from KEH after I had submitted my photos for KEH 2012 calendar contest. Turns out, my photo Cone Shaped Trees 2 is one of two judges' favorites.

Cambridge lamp posts

Seen on Pedestrian Walk off Broadway in Cambridge, MA.

Trees / Boston GreenFest

Photo above: Trees silhouetted by moonlight. It is the last photo taken at Mono Lake Night Photography Festival in Lee Vining, CA. Literally, 3 hours before heading back to Reno to fly out to Boston. It was so much fun! I'm still catching up with all the photos I took at the festival along with photographing in Cambridge and enjoying the summer.

Here's an event to look out for: this year Boston GreenFest will be held on August 18-20. It's a great way to learn about recycling, saving energy and otherwise promoting green living. On that note, I love the new Go Green stamps that USPS published just a few months ago. Aren't these neat?


Seen near Tsongas Way in Lowell, MA.

New England Scapes - one last week

Juried group show New England Scapes that I am participating in will be on display through Saturday, July 30 at Gallery Seven in Maynard, MA. I you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, you have another week to do it!

Above are two photos I took at the opening reception. My favorite of the whole show is Robin Herr's painting Back View (the orange/red square painting in the first photo). It's worth seeing it in the gallery along with other beautiful artwork.

DATES: June 28th - July 30th

Gallery Seven
7 Nason Street, Maynard, MA 01754
Phone: (978) 897-9777
Hours: Tuesday – Friday 10-6 | Saturday 10-5

Kendall Street

Seen on Kendall Street in Cambridge, MA.

Ice skating rink in summer

Kendall Square ice skating rink in summer. Cambridge, MA.

This past winter I photographed Kendall Square ice skating rink after a heavy snowstorm. I revisited the same location this week with a few friends and it looks quite different. The almost cloudless night yields dark sky and cafeteria chairs have replaced the rink itself. What a transformation!

Tree on Hayward St

Tree and a tiny door in Hayward St parking lot. Back to shooting in Cambridge, I've been adding a few photos to my ongoing project where I explore my own neighborhood at night.


Last Tuesday the night photography class was meeting in Hull, MA, on the beach near high school. I've been to Hull a few times in the past four years. A few times going to the beach with friends, once staying overnight at the hotel and once on a bicycle ride from Boston and back (that was quite an experience!). And a few times to Fort Revere that is a popular location for night photography (see my first moonlit photo).

The weather on Tuesday evening was really nice. A few classmates and I had dinner at Barefoot Bob’s Beach Grill and then we headed to the meeting location. There were fishermen catching sharks, teens hanging out and bunch of night photographers wandering around. It was full moon but with prominent street lights I ended up doing several shorter exposures (2 an 8 minutes for photos above). I really like the shapes of these boats and how they interact with other shapes and lines. The one 30-minute moonlit shot I made (not posted here) had some unplanned light painting from fellow photographers. It's always a challenge!

Light Lab

Light Lab on Shrewsbury Street, Worcester, MA.

Cristoforo Colombo Park lions

Cristoforo Colombo Park, Worcester, MA.

City Hall Plaza

City Hall Plaza, Boston, MA.

Photos taken a few weeks ago while out photographing with friends. Wencke is soon leaving to return back to Europe. Thank you for the shared passion for photography and friendship!

Boston Public Garden

This summer I am TA'ing for Lance Keimig's Night Photography class in New England School of Photography. I've taken this class a few times myself and it's a lot of fun. Last week went out to photograph in Boston Public Garden. I photographed this bridge a few months ago (Bridge, posted on April 6, 2011). This time I shot from the other side with more lights and it was a clear night yielding much darker sky.

Bodie Ghost Town 2

Here are photos from the second night at Bodie Ghost Town.

Bodie Ghost Town

Here are my first night images from Mono Lake Night Photography Festival.

Two of the festival nights we spent at Bodie Ghost Town, a decayed mining town from the late 1800's. With temperature at night close to freezing, I made a few 30-minute exposures and these are photos from the first night. I love the shapes of these buildings, lit solely by moonlight.

Brewster Gardens

Brewster Gardens, Plymouth, MA.

Littleton depot

A week ago I met up with two of my winter night photography classmates Mollie and Jenn to explore Carlisle area. We checked out a few towns and ended up photographing Littleton depot that is quite an interesting place. It looks abandoned, with hundreds of old stoves surrounding the building. Turns out, the depot is occupied by Erickson’s Antique Stoves (check out this article in NY Times, dated October 05, 1989). Aside from the amazing depot building, I was drawn to the Gatekeepers Shanty that is lit up from all sides by streetlights, neon signs and cars passing by.

Holga experience

Why I love my camera? Mostly because it takes sharp photos.

I just recently acquired a Holga, thinking that I should probably try it out and see if I liked the effect. Now after developing the first roll I realize that I would need a lot of practice to understand how to take good photos with it. So fun to look at these, side by side (first one taken with Holga and the other with Hasselblad).