Week 5

Week 5 was slow but here they 2 photos -

#1 is a night view of MIT's outdoor/indoor tennis court, covered in fresh snow. I was actually heading home from the class outing at Zakim Bridge that was part of IAP Night Photography course Dan and I were teaching. Walking down Amherst Alley I noticed the vast white space - snow that no one had walked on. Of course, it is winter so why would anyone. So I setup to take a photo, hoping that the cool light coming from the little shack will balance against the purpl-ish sky, and it did!

#2 is an interior shot of MIT Landau Building (Building 66). This is where Department of Chemical Engineering "lives". I walk through it very often and have always liked the hot red doors against the concrete walls. "The building is in the shape of a 30-60-90 triangle and was designed by famous architect and MIT Alumnus I.M. Pei." (excerpt from http://wikimapia.org).