Young & Emerging

Hello! I'm participating in Young & Emerging: A Juried Exhibition of New England Artists Age 18-30. It is organized by Gallery Seven in Maynard and opens next week. Please stop by at Artists' Reception! Below is info from website:

A Juried Exhibition of New England Artists Age 18-30
February 26th – March 30th

7 Nason St 
Maynard, MA 01754

Saturday, March 9th from 7-9 p.m.
(Snow Date: March 16th same time)

Gallery Seven presents “Young & Emerging”. Eighteen talented New England artists age 18-30 were chosen to display their work in this exhibition. There is a wide variety of media ranging from paintings and photographs to monotypes and etchings, as well as an array of subject matter spanning from portraits to abstracts to cityscapes. And although their subjects may be the same in name, each artist brings his or her own personal vision to each piece.

This can be seen in Ryan Chalifourʼs exquisite oil of a young womanʼs profile with a red scarf draped around her neck contrasting Will Faraciʼs head on portrait of a young woman staring straight into the camera. Likewise, Nick Morelyʼs abstract monotypes of stones rising upward as great masses vary vastly in feeling from Allison Goverʼs light and airy mixed media abstracts that look like theyʼre floating to the surface. Nora Vrublevskaʼs “Bridge” is a stunning black and white inkjet print depicting delicate lampposts in front of massive columns holding up the curved street above conveying a feeling of darkness and loneliness, while Adriana Galloʼs intimate painting, “Evening on Westminster”, is soothing with its deep misty blues and colorful city lights.

Artists: Ryan Chalifour, Cameron Cormier, Will Faraci, Cori-lynne Forbes, Jeremy Fraga, Adriana Gallo, Allison Gover, Ryan Green, Brigitte Grenier, Chandra Guthro, Brittany Haynes, Rachel Herring, Nick Morley, Cole Pershing, Rachel Romash, Anna Starkova, Chelsea Tuttle and Nora Vrublevska.