Trip to Bodie Ghost Town - part 2

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Second day in Lee Vining. The town is small indeed - there is just one grocery store, two gas stations, a few motels and restaurants, and lots of trucks. It's worth owning a truck or suv, especially if you plan on visiting Bodie. After morning coffee at Latte Da Coffee Cafe and breakfast at Nicely's, we were ready to head out.

After a 45 minute drive north-east of Lee Vining, we arrived at Bodie. We started scouting before it got dark - especially useful if you are visiting for the first time. Between the amber colored buildings and sagebrush you'll find pieces of old mining equipment and other stuff laying on the ground - all interesting photographic subjects for night photography.

I spotted a black bird, presumably a crow, guarding his spot on one of the rooftops.

At night, I photographed buildings and structures. During the first two nights I was taking advantage of full moon, letting star trails burn in during my 12-24 minute exposures.

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