Star Island, Isles of Schoals

Have you heard of Star Island before? If not - look it up! It's off shore from Rye, NH - a 90-minute boat trip from PortsmouthLast week I went on the annual Star Island Retreat organized by The New Hampshire Society of Photographic Artists (NHSPA). I spent 4 days enjoying the company of this year's guest photographer Frank Armstrong and a group of other talented photographers. Wanted to share what I was photographing while there.

Aside from the black-and-white photographs, I made also a few color images. Because it was New Moon and sky was dark, I could capture lots of stars. It was amazing to see Milky Way and snowstorm-like amount of stars.

As a bonus, on Friday, September 6 I got a chance to see and capture NASA's Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (nicknamed LADEE) that took off from Wallops Island in Virginia at 11:27pm. Unfortunately the foreground was not particularly exciting but I'm glad I got it!

During the days I was busy working on cyanotype photograms and exploring the island. One of the days we went on a tour to the neighboring Appledore Island, home to Shoals Marine Laboratory, run cooperatively by Cornell University and the University of New Hampshire.

The season at Star Island is up but make sure to add it to the list of "must visit" places for next summer! From website:
From June to September guests come for a day, an overnight visit or to attend one of the many conferences presented each summer on a range of subjects such as natural history, writing, photography, music, painting, ecology, matters of the spirit, yoga and more.